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Why do most of us choose to settle with a mediocre life?

How many of us are honestly loving what we’re doing? How many of us really look forward to going for work every morning? It’s obvious, there are very few of us in those categories.

They say, it’s never too late to switch to what you love. Be open to taking chances! Try everything! Learn during your journey to find your true calling! Because YOLO!
But is this really true? Is this even practical?

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A simple principle of life

If it makes you happy, do it. If it doesnt, then don’t.

How simple this is, and yet so excruciatingly hard to abide by. Ever wondered why?

I’m in the same position as you are, and yet I chose to try. Chose to take a shot at my passion, and ignored all those who asked, “No, but why? Why try?”

My friend, you should try this principle too, because in the end we’re ALL anyway going to die!

So, go ahead, get there and fly, because there’s absolutely no value in living a life so dry!